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Jean-Michel CAMBOT
Montpellier - France
Tel. : +33 952 26 7007
Fax : +33 957 26 7007
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Business Expert
I invented Business Objects® and the concepts of Universe of Objects of the Trade and contextual requests, thus revolutionizing the way of apprehending the decisional requirements in company. That defined contours of the Business Intelligence, which evolved since to the Mobile Business Intelligence. Business Objects® remains today still the unchallenged leader in this field.

I also set up the bases of a innovating and effective approach of the assistance and Client support, for the n°1 in Europe of Call Centers : Supporter. I took part in Showcase Technologies of San Francisco in 2005, in order to accompany Supporter in their conquest by the US market, with Neocase®.
Web Applications
BALICIEL is primary a whole expertise in the software needs for the companies.
Web 2.0, Ajax, Mashup, SAS… technologies very last thing are implemented to carry out powerful Web applications.
I also develop Internet sites of all types, Catalogues, Vitrines, Trader sites with online payment, etc… in the spirit of your graphic charter, and with the same objective as you: to present best yourself, and to invite your visitors to look further into their relation with you.

Your Internet site becomes the pivot of your activity, and your image near your customers.